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Best Undiscovered Websites
Five Websites not to miss--and one you should.
By Maggie Overfeltfor Fortune Small Business
Some of the pizza grease from last night's on-the-road brainstorming session got on your last clean white button-down. No biggie, except you have two days left on your biz trip and no time to hit the cleaners before work Thursday. Place an order at and have a high-quality one (Egyptian cotton, designed by a textile-developing veteran) waiting for you at your next hotel. Is it too good to be true? We thought so, until we ordered. Not only is the shirt lovely, but so is the customer service.

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Fortune Small Business

Shirt Seller Keeps It Simple: Just White Dress Shirts
There's room for firms that carve out niches on the Net, analysts say.
By Deborah Lacyfor Investors Daily

The Web can offer convenience. So will that lead to tons of specialty niche e-commerce Web stores or to a few large, Amazon-like shopping centers. Jeff Fletcher is betting on the former. His web business is Judging from it's name, there should be little doubt as to what he sells on that site. White Dress Shirts. That's it. They're all the same design from the same material. The only choice is size.

Based in New York City, the five employee company has no physical storefront. It has no relationships with large retail companies.

In today's business climate, does or any other niche e-tailer, have a chance to succeed? Yes analysts say. But depends on many factors, such as a good plan, good execution and good marketing. "It comes back to basic bussiness" said Terri Lonier, president of workingsolo inc...

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We are an American Company that started in 2001 with a simple yet unique streamline process that finally allows an American company to compete with China and all of the other foreign government subsidized garment companies! Unbeknownst to the general public, many of your favorite "American Designers" do not produce any of their products in the USA.

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